The Ulysses series of paintings were made to celebrate James Joyce's centenary in 1982 and exhibited at Trinity College Dublin in the Douglas Hyde Gallery in June of that year.


Each painting focuses on the location of specific episodes in Ulysses at key points in Dublin. Various patterns and ideas are interwoven between the images and the text in terms of realism and symbolism.


Three of the paintings make symbolic use of the circle reflecting the cyclical theme of the novel set on a single day in June, beginning with the Martello Tower at Sandycove, followed by the view from above of the graves at Glasnevin Cemetery and ending with the birds eye view of the "Blooms in Bed " at the end of the novel. These three works refer to the idea of procreation, life and death.


The other paintings in the series convey Leopold Bloom's wanderings in the city through fragments and flashes of memory and imagination, places visted and people encountered.